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Since there are a dozen videos in the Biostats & Epi section the menu bar can’t display all of them nicely. So on the menu bar I split it into subgroups of the first 6 videos & the last 6 videos to make sure it can all fit on your screen. If you prefer you can just select which video you want from the below list

Videos in this Section:
1. Standard Deviation, Mean, Median & Mode
2. 2×2 Table FP, FN, TP & TN
3. Sensitivity, Specificity & Screening Tests
4. Negative & Positive Predictive Value
5. Incidence, Prevalence and Case-Fatality Rate
6. Bias & Validity
7. Confounding, Randomization & Blinding
8. Types of Study Design
9. Odds Ratio and Relative Risk
10. Number Needed to Treat & Absolute Risk Reduction
11. p-Value, Statistical Significance and Types of Error
12. Confidence Interval Interpretation

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