How to Speed Up or Slow Down Youtube Videos + Change Video Quality

0:47 – How to Change Youtube Video Quality
1:27 – How to Change the Speed of Youtube Videos to do Double Speed x2, x1.5 or 0.5x Slo Mo

To increase the video quality look at the bottom right corner of the Youtube video and click the gear symbol. Then for quality select 720p HD

To change the speed of a youtube video go to Then click on the blue box that says “Request the HTML 5 Player”. Then go back to the youtube video and click on the gear in the bottom right of the video. You will now have a selection of speeds from x0.25 slow motion to x2 double speed.

Thanks to Aman who’s feedback inspired me to look into this topic and create a video. Also a big thanks to Darrel Eves ( whose video taught me how to do this

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