Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Comprehensive High Yield Rating List                                                        NEW!

This is a combined list of the HYRs from all of my videos. It has more than 150 topics listed from most important to least important

1. Biostatistics & Epidemiology:

 2. Ethics & Legal

 3. Doctoring

 4. Biochemistry:

 5. Genetics:

 6. Vitamins:

 7. Cell Injury, Cell Death & Cancer Intro:

 8. Inflammation and Immunology:

9. Psychiatry:

10. Microbio:

        • High Yield Rating List for Microbiology – COMING SOON
        • Fungal Infections & Antifungals                                                                                                                                          NEW!
        • Parasites                                                                                                                                                                                           NEW!
        • Vulvovaginal Infections: BV, Trich & Candida                                                                                                           NEW!
        • Herpes: Mono, Herpes Simplex, Chickenpox & Shingles                                                                                    NEW!
        • Viral Hepatitis: HAV, HBV & HCV + Serum Serology                                                                                          NEW!
        • Influenza Virus: The Flu, Genetic Drift & Genetic Shift                                                                                      NEW!
        • HPV, Parvovirus B19, & Adenovirus                                                                                                                                NEW!
        • Rotavirus, Measels, Mumps, and Rabies – COMING SOON
        • HIV & AIDS – COMING SOON
        • Antivirals – COMING SOON
        • Bacteria – COMING SOON
        • Antibiotics – COMING SOON
        • TORCH Infections – COMING SOON
        • Diarrhea – COMING SOON
        • Meningitis – COMING SOON
        • Pneumonia – COMING SOON
        • UTIs & Pyelonephritis – COMING SOON

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24 thoughts on “Table of Contents”

  1. Brian,

    I am a student at UF Med and am so happy to have found your videos and website! I completely agree with your philosophy! It’s incredibly hard to learn all of the material covered on most review books. I was so overwhelmed with learning biochem until I came across your videos. The notes on your website are also very helpful and you have a gift for teaching! Your efforts are truly inspiring and I wish you much success. Also, very cool to know that you started Equal Access at Bartley Temple! I will be sure to tell others about this resource.



  2. Thank you so much for your effort in making our life easier from your experiences. As a medical student struggling to prepare for USMLE it very tough and sometimes the pressure pushes me down. Looking at your videos and listening from your advice I think I will stand up again and give it a try. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hang in there! Everyone has moments where they feel like that during USMLE prep so don’t let it get you down. Just keep up the hard work and I’m sure you will do great. Thanks for the comment and good luck studying

  3. Hey My name is Renee and I too find that your instructional information is very helpful for me hence that I am studying for my LCSW license. You created a simple way to understand each disorderes in the psychiatry section. Watching you I don’t need to look at my DSM V book. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the videos . I am a nursing student and I truly enjoyed how everything is cut down time wise. Everything is greatly defined. I am eagerly waiting for the next video upload . I have a test on those disorders approaching in a month.

  5. you really have a gift as your approach is well structured and the presentation is attractive.
    you make the studying as fun and easy as possible

    thank a lot for your effort
    really appreciated

  6. I’m studying for my ANP MSc in the UK. Your videos are at a perfect level for me to revise my pathophys exam (which is in a week and a half….) Many thanks for all this hard work!

  7. I’m not a doctor or a student, but I appreciate your videos for my own personal education about how the body works. I was looking for the atrophic vaginitis video…but can’t find it. I can tell you’re a busy guy and haven’t had time to get to it. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. We all need to understand more about how our body works, and the tests that can be used to help differentiate different conditions, to work more closely with health professionals trying to help us.

    1. Ya that reference was to a video that isn’t made yet and probably won’t be made for a while. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for watching!

  8. Thanks so much for the videos. They were very helpful for a quick review of concepts. I will love to see videos on hematology. Thanks

  9. You are awesome! This has been very helpful so far. I can’t wait for you to finish the micro section. That is my weakest area and your videos are amazing! I’m making a donation today to hopefully help you finish these up within the next month (fingers crossed)!!!

    1. Hi Brantley. Thanks for the feedback and for considering a donation! So you can plan ahead I do want to tell you it will be a while before Microbio is done. Now that I have finished some things on the “back end” of my website the microbio section is at the top of my to do list. However, I’m getting married next week. In the few weeks following that I have graduation, honeymoon, moving & the start of intern year so I will be lucky to get more than 1-2 videos done before you take you exam. Sorry 🙁

  10. Excellent lectures… Helped me in psychiatry and Biostatistics… Can you give us link for your power point presentations you made. Your Videos + the Ppts will be great combo

    1. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to send out Powerpoints easily. But usually I have all of the text from the PowerPoint pasted into the text portion of each page below the video

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